Name Years Induction Sport
Mark Acres full bio Mark Acres 1981-85 Class of 2003 Men's Basketball
Andretti Bain full bio Andretti Bain 2004-08 Class of 2014 Track & Field
Dave Barr full bio Dave Barr 1970-1973 Original Member Golf
Dennis Bigley full bio Dennis Bigley 2002-05 Class of 2010 Baseball
George Bjorkman full bio George Bjorkman 1976-78 Original Member Baseball
Steve Bontrager full bio Steve Bontrager 1979-81 Class of 2015 Men's Basketball
Kisa Bradley full bio Kisa Bradley 1995-97 Class of 2004 Women's Basketball
Bill Brogden full bio Bill Brogden 1976-86 Class of 2011 Men's Golf
Bob Brooks full bio Bob Brooks   Class of 2009 Athletic Director
Todd Burns full bio Todd Burns 1982-84 Class of 2004 Baseball
Christy Carter full bio Christy Carter 2005-09 Class of 2018 Women's Golf
David Castillo full bio David Castillo 2001-03 Class of 2018 Baseball
Jeff Combe full bio Jeff Combe 1981-1985 Class of 2009 Golf
Greg Davis full bio Greg Davis 1969-73 Original Member Baseball/Men's Basketball
Charleton Dechert full bio Charleton Dechert 1998-2001 Class of 2017 Men's Golf
Dena Dial full bio Dena Dial 1997-2000 Class of 2013 Track & Field
Becky Dreher full bio Becky Dreher 2001-04 Class of 2011 Volleyball
Arnold Dugger full bio Arnold Dugger 1974-77 Class of 2005 Men's Basketball
Bernis Duke full bio Bernis Duke 1967-99 Class of 2010 Men's Tennis
Richard Fuqua full bio Richard Fuqua 1969-73 Original Member Men's Basketball
Calvin Garrett full bio Calvin Garrett 1978-80 Class of 2018 Men's Basketball
Tim GIll full bio Tim GIll 1994-98 Class of 2012 Men's Basketball
Bill Glasson full bio Bill Glasson 1978-82 Class of 2002 Golf
Mike Hairston full bio Mike Hairston 1978-81 Original Member Cross Country
Vivian Herron full bio Vivian Herron 1985-89 Class of 2002 Women's Basketball
Haywood Hill full bio Haywood Hill 1969-71 Original Member Men's Basketball
Steve Holm full bio Steve Holm 2000-01 Class of 2014 Baseball
Gary "Cat" Johnson full bio Gary "Cat" Johnson 1978-82 Class of 2008 Men's Basketball
Faithy Kamangila full bio Faithy Kamangila 2004-07 Class of 2017 Cross Country
Jim Kane full bio Jim Kane 1978-81 Class of 2006 Men's Golf
Jessica Kellogg full bio Jessica Kellogg 2002-05 Class of 2015 Women's Soccer
Jodi Kirkhuff-Steele full bio Jodi Kirkhuff-Steele 1999-2002 Class of 2009 Women's Soccer,
Ksenija Kugler full bio Ksenija Kugler 1993-95 Class of 2008 Volleyball
Keith Lockhart full bio Keith Lockhart 1985-86 Class of 2005 Baseball
Madeline Manning-Mims full bio Madeline Manning-Mims 1979-81 Original Member Track & Field
Angela Manuel full bio Angela Manuel 1994-98 Class of 2007 Track & Field
Sam McCants full bio Sam McCants 1973-74 Class of 2017 Men's Basketball
Patricia Menezes full bio Patricia Menezes 1999-2002 Class of 2018 Volleyball
Ron Meridith full bio Ron Meridith 1976-78 Original Member Baseball
Mike Moore full bio Mike Moore 1979-81 Class of 2002 Baseball
Juliana Moser full bio Juliana Moser 1996-99 Class of 2005 Volleyball
Keith Mucha full bio Keith Mucha 1982-83 Class of 2016 Baseball
Prince Mumba full bio Prince Mumba 2002-06 Class of 2012 Track & Field
Ryan Neill full bio Ryan Neill 1997-2000 Class of 2013 Baseball
Tom Nieto full bio Tom Nieto 1981 Class of 2006 Baseball
Bryan Norton full bio Bryan Norton 1978-81 Class of 2006 Men's Golf
Kim Ogden full bio Kim Ogden 1984-88 Class of 2010 Women's Basketball
Pamela Ontiveros full bio Pamela Ontiveros 2004-08 Class of 2015 Women's Golf
Rhonda Penquite full bio Rhonda Penquite 1977-78 Original Member Women's Basketball
Krista Ragan full bio Krista Ragan 1997-2002 Class of 2006 Women's Basketball
Joe Rassett full bio Joe Rassett 1978-81 Class of 2005 Men's Golf
Anthony Roberts full bio Anthony Roberts 1973-77 Original Member Men's Basketball
Garth Robinson full bio Garth Robinson 1993-95 Class of 2007 Track & Field
Michael Rogers full bio Michael Rogers 1998-2002 Class of 2011 Baseball
Pekka Saila full bio Pekka Saila 1968-70 Original Member Tennis
Tyler Saladino full bio Tyler Saladino 2010 Class of 2017 Baseball
Alvin Scott full bio Alvin Scott 1973-77 Original Member Men's Basketball
Sheera Sirola full bio Sheera Sirola 1994-95 Class of 2003 Volleyball
Glenn "Smitty" Smith full bio Glenn "Smitty" Smith 1972-2010 Class of 2010 Athletic Trainer
Bill Springman full bio Bill Springman 1973-77 Original Member Baseball
Jeff Stallings full bio Jeff Stallings 1997-2000 Class of 2012 Baseball
Greg Sutton full bio Greg Sutton 1988-91 Class of 2010 Men's Basketball
Rachel Talbert-Andres full bio Rachel Talbert-Andres 2007-10 Class of 2016 Track & Field
Kelvin Torve full bio Kelvin Torve 1979-81 Class of 2009 Baseball
Ken Trickey full bio Ken Trickey 1969-74, 1987-93 Class of 2009 Men's Basketball
Sharon Tucker full bio Sharon Tucker 1978-1981 Class of 2009 Women's Basketball
Elisha Turek full bio Elisha Turek 2003-07 Class of 2013 Women's Basketball
Ken Tutt full bio Ken Tutt 2003-07 Class of 2016 Men's Basketball
Peter Van Lingen full bio Peter Van Lingen 1967-71 Original Member Tennis
Trey Vaut full bio Trey Vaut 1999-2004 Class of 2010 Men's Soccer
Bob Volk full bio Bob Volk 1976-78 Original Member Baseball
Haywoode Workman full bio Haywoode Workman 1986-89 Class of 2003 Men's Basketball
Bob Zupcic full bio Bob Zupcic 1985-87 Class of 2008 Baseball
Ori Zuzic full bio Ori Zuzic 2003-06 Class of 2014 Volleyball