Best performed former Oral Roberts University players in pro basketball in last week games

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Here is the weekly review of the top performing Golden Eagles alumni, who are currently playing in pro basketball.

   #1. Experienced Caleb Green (6'8''-PF-85, graduated '07, plays pro in Italy) could not help Sidigas AV (12-8) in their last game. Despite his very good performance Sidigas AV was badly defeated 97-79 on the road by the lower-ranked (#10) Dolomiti En. TR. Green was the top scorer with 28 points. He also added 4 rebounds in 36 minutes. It's Green's first season with the team. Green has individually a very good year with high stats. He averages 18.8ppg, 6.7rpg and 2.5apg in 19 games he played so far.

   #2. Shawn King (6'10''-C-82, graduated '08, plays in Poland) was not able to help BM Slam Stal Ostrow Wlkp. (13-7) in their last game on Thursday. Despite his good performance BM Slam Stal Ostrow Wlkp. was defeated 83-76 in Zielona Gora by the leading Stelmet Enea BC. King recorded a double-double by scoring 13 points and getting the same number of rebounds. He also added 3 assists. It's King's first season with the team. King has relatively good stats this year 11.7ppg, 11.0rpg, 2.1apg and 1.1bpg.

   #3. Michael Craion (6'5''-F-89, graduated '12, currently in Iceland) led Keflavik to an easy victory against the ninth-ranked Haukar (8-11) 80-65 in the Icelandic Dominos League in Monday night's game. He had a double-double by scoring 14 points and getting 13 rebounds. Craion also added 5 assists and 2 blocks in 28 minutes. Keflavik (16-6) is placed second in the Dominos League. There are only three games left until the end of the Regular Season. So now every game will be critical. Craion has very impressive stats this year 22.7ppg, 9.8rpg, 4.9apg, 1.8bpg and 2.4spg in 18 games.

   #4. Obi Emegano (6'3''-G-93, graduated '16, plays pro in France) was not able to secure a victory for JDA Dijon Bourgogne (17-4) in their game against JL Bourg (17-4) in the French Jeep ELITE ProA. Emegano scored only 4 points. JDA Dijon Bourgogne was edged 90-88 in Bourg by the lower-ranked JL Bourg (#3). It was JDA Dijon Bourgogne's first loss after eight consecutive victories. This season Emegano averages 7.3ppg and 2.4rpg. He has also British citizenship.

   #5. Shawn Glover (6'7''-F-90, graduated '14, plays in Uruguay) contributed to Malvin's victory against the leader Aguada 81-72 in a derby game in the Uruguayan LUB on Tuesday night. Glover scored 8 points and blocked 2 shots in 20 minutes. It was the game of the round between two top 3 ranked teams in group Places 1-6. Malvin Montevideois placed third. It's Glover's first season with the team. He has very impressive stats this year 16.8ppg, 4.9rpg, 2.8apg and 1.1spg in 20 games.

   #6. Warren Niles (6'5''-G-89, graduated '13, currently in France) led Union Poitiers Basket 86 to a victory against the fourth-ranked JA Vichy 88-84 in the French ProB (second division) in Tuesday night's game. He scored 11 points. Niles has relatively good stats this season 13.8ppg and 2.4rpg. He is a naturalized British.

   #7. Moses Ehambe (6'6''-G/F-86, graduated '08, plays pro in Russia) was the major contributor in Vostok-65's victory against the sixth-ranked Novosybirsk crushing them 98-74 in the Russian Superleague 1 (second division) last Thursday. He recorded 21 points in 29 minutes. It was his first game for Vostok-65 this season. Ehambe is a naturalized Congolese.

Other former Oral Roberts University players, who play in pro basketball:

Dominique Morrison (6'6''-SF-89) plays for Hispano Americano de Rio Gallegos in Argentinian La Liga
Albert Owens (6'9''-C-96) played for Spojnia Stargard in Polish EBL few monts ago
Brandon Conley (6'7''-F-93) plays for UU-Korihait Uusikaupunki in Finnish Korisliiga
Reggie Moore (6'8''-PF-81) played for Galitos-Barreiro in Portuguese LPB last year
Jalen Bradley (6'1''-G-93) plays for Jonava in Lithuanian NKL
Javier Nasarre (6'10''-C-86) plays for Innova Chef in Spanish EBA
Larry Owens (6'7''-F-83) played for Team 23 in the The Basketball Tournament last year

Notice: The list above includes only some of the Oral Roberts University alumni playing currently in pro basketball. Check COMPLETE LIST.

Caleb Green

Shawn King

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Michael Craion

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Obi Emegano

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